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» 1 Promoters & Hostess


We are looking for smart, attractive, dynamic, promoters for our b2b site to work and promote our site, promote paid member ship in their area of business worlwide on commission basis as free lancers. Please emails us at

» 2 Hong Kong Current Economic Situation

  1. The
    1. The world's freest economy
    2. The world's most services-oriented economy, with services sectors accounting for more than 90% of GDP
    3. The most competitive economy in Asia
    4. The second largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Asia, after Chinese mainland.
    5. The third largest source of FDI in Asia, after Japan and Chinese mainland.

» 3 Hong Kong Latest Trade Performance

  1. The
    1. The world's 8th largest trading economy.
    2. The world's 10th largest exporter of commercial services.

» 4 Hong Kong Economic Relations with the Chinese Mainland

  1. The
    1. The most important entrepot for the Chinese mainland
    2. The largest foreign investment source of the Chinese mainland
    3. The key offshore capital-raising centre for Chinese enterprises
    4. The Chinese mainland as Hong Kong's largest source of external investment

» 5 Hong Kong as a Regional Centre

  1. A
    1. A popular venue for hosting regional headquarters or representative offices
    2. A leading telecommunications hub for the Asia-Pacific region
    3. A premier offshore RMB centre
    4. The world's busiest airport for international cargoes
    5. One of the world's busiest container ports
    6. The second largest private equity centre in Asia
    7. The second largest stock market in Asia, the sixth largest in the world
    8. The third largest foreign exchange market in Asia, the fifth in the world

» 6 Switzerland a highly technological and innovative partner


Switzerland’s effective public institutions and favorable business environment have allowed this relatively small and resource-poor European country to transform itself into a high-tech knowledge economy, one that Hong Kong companies would do well to partner with. Switzerland lies at the heart of Europe and borders three of the four biggest European economies. This enviable location, together with its historical ties to nearby countries, allows Switzerland access to the region’s prime R&D and industrial resources. Although the country is not an EU member, its comprehensive free trade agreement and a series of bilateral agreements with the trade bloc enables it to

» 7 Hong kong International travel expo11-14 june 2017 Hong Kong convention & exhibition centre


Hong kong International travel expo11-14 june 2017 Hong Kong convention & exhibition centre will be held.

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